Free Promotion on Latest Book

Larry Marsman never met his father, Robbert Willem Marsman, who perished in an air battle over the Kai Islands during World War II. Robbert was one of the “Flying Dutchmen” stationed for training at Hawkins Field in Jackson, MS, after the fall of The Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies to Germany and Japan. This story is a fictionalized biography of Robbert Willem Marsman which holds true to the facts. It is also a story that spans time and distance, through a wedding band that traveled around the world.

I’m doing a free e-book promotion on my latest book “Ring Around the World” through It should start at some point on Thursday (2/13/20) and end at some point on the following Monday. When you complete the book on your reader, it will give you the opportunity to review the book. We authors depend on these reviews to help move us up in the market. I’d deeply appreciate your taking a few extra minutes to complete this process. I hope you enjoy the book and the fact that the story is true and involves an important time in Mississippi history. Thank you all for you continued support and encouragement. Also, a special nod of appreciation goes to Gary Walters for doing the cover art. Gary and Larry Marsman grew up together, sit is so special for both Larry and me that he offered to do this.

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